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Nourish your body



Nourish your soul

with Katey Caswell

I help women discover joy after a lifetime of dieting and hating their bodies

Your thoughts become your reality

Any idea how many negative thoughts you have in a day?

Appearance, work performance, clean house, stress from your teenagers; opportunities for negative thinking are endless.

Get an idea how often you say things to yourself that you'd never say to anyone else – its the first step to turning things around and giving yourself the love and life you deserve.

You are what you eat

Yes – it's true – eating foods that nourish your body helps with – well, everything.  But you know that.  I'm here to help you figure out why you're not eating the way you want to. 

Sure there's lots of science I could list here, but does that really matter? 

Let's talk about you and your body, not a compilation of data on bodies that aren't yours

Find Peace with Food, and with You

Joy may come with a size 2 dress – but it doesn't usually stay.  And you can have joy without it.


You don't have to wait.

What I Do

One on One Coaching, Group Coaching, Custom Programs and more

I connect with you.  Thats how change happens.  Support, habits, recognizing things you might miss in your life.

We work together to get the results you want.  Whether thats finding peace with food, a smaller body, or just taking that first step that you've been resisting, we can do it together.

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"Working with Katey as my holistic health and nutrition coach transformed not just my body, but my life!"

Jenn A.

"Katey is an amazing coach. I felt like she was there for me and had my best interests at heart. She was amazing at meeting my needs."

Marieke H.

"My relationship to food and my body is so much healthier today and she helped me accomplish that. Working with Katey gave me the confidence to accept myself. Food is not in control any longer. I am."

Patti M.

Honey Sriracha Salmon Avocado Bowl

Honey Sriracha Salmon Avocado BowlServings 2Ready In: 30 minInroduction About this Recipe By: Katey Caswell This week I noticed an opportunity in our community to pick up a basket of produce at an amazing price.  It came with a variety of fruit, as well as some onions...

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Super Easy Broiled Coconut Shrimp

Super Easy Broiled Coconut Shrimp

Super Easy Broiled Coconut ShrimpServings 4 Ready In: 30 minInroduction About this Recipe By: Katey Caswell I’ve been craving shrimp lately and wanted to share this super yummy recipe that makes me happy…. What’s been bringing you joy lately?Ingredients 2 large eggs ...

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I'm a zebra

I'm a zebra

I’m a Zebra… A while back, I figured out that I was a zebra.  I don’t have four legs and a tail - although I have been known to occasionally wear stripes 😉   But thats ok, I don’t mean i’m actually a zebra - i’m referring to that saying doctors use -  ‘When you hear...

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