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Meet Katey

About me….

Joy finder

I work with women who are unhappy with themselves, their weight, their life.  Women who believe if they could just lose the weight, life would be a breeze.  Women who know what they should be eating, but can't seem to make the choices they want to make.  Together we figure out whats holding them back, and through support, talking and a focus on leaving guilt and judgement behind, they find their healthiest and happiest self.  

I guess you can say I'm a Joy Finder…I'm also a certified Life, Health and Nutrition Coach – and we use all of those to help find your joy.

I have an empathetic ear, and a knack for seeing what's missing.  I can guide you to leaving the things  you don't know need to be left, and to practice the things that will in time bring you joy.

Is that something you could use?


My Story

How I Got Started

People have sought me out to work through things that were bothering them as long as I can remember.  From the bullied kid on the playground, to the super popular teenage girl crying in the junior high bathroom who was too popular to talk to me when anyone else was around.  I was great at helping them see the path to feeling at peace, but couldn't seem to do the same for myself.

Twelve years ago that changed.  I found myself morbidly obese and miserable with myself, despite have 2 beautiful girls and knowing I was a great mom. I was married to a great husband, and had supportive extended family close by.  My whole life I had accepted that you can't be happy and fat at the same time.  And my whole life I had tried to not be fat, so that I could be happy.  Something clicked and I was able to turn in a new direction.  I began to see the good in me, found things about myself that i could love, focused on them and the rest fell into place.  I lost over 120lbs in less than a year.   

And more importantly, found peace.


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