Work With Me

Find your healthier and happier self

Are you looking to improve your health, find more energy, prepare tastier meals, perhaps fit into a smaller size pair of jeans?

I can help.

With all the information the media throws at us, it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion on making the best choices for our health.  Low Carb, No Carb, No Fat, Paleo, Primal, Zone Diet, Atkins.

Let’s forget all of that.  Instead, let’s work together to find the best food choices for you.

Your body is unlike anyone else.  Your age, history, height, weight – you are unique.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation.  45minutes. During that time we will see where you are, and start to put together a plan to move forward towards your goals.


Nothing changes until you take the first step.  And this is it.  We’ll connect for 20-30 minutes to see where you are and decide together the best way to get to where you want to be.  I’m truly interested in seeing you succeed, so there is no charge for First Step calls.  Let’s take this opportunity to see how we can work together.

Schedule your First Step Introductory call here

Nourishing Changes

Group Coaching

Accountability.  Support. 

When we work together along with a group you have a chance to find your way with guidance.  We’ll connect as often as you need through the convenience of your phone or computer.  Every couple of weeks we’ll meet on the phone, or in a video chat to reassess shift the plan.  Goals change.  Sometimes a great conversation can inspire you to a new level. 

Contact me with any questions or Schedule an Introductory Call

One to One Connection

Flexibility. Connection.

Are you looking to make the most of the time you have and move forward to a place of peace and contentment in a more focused manner?

Let’s put together a coaching schedule that will do that for you.  We’ll connect on the phone, or video chat weekly, or more often if you choose.  When we work together in this way, your progress, feelings and what’s going on in your life will guide what we focus on.

Contact me with questions or Schedule an Introductory Call